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VLOGS (VLOGS) White paper



One of Ethereum tokens that has enjoyed prominence and growing reputation in today’s cryptocurrency scene is VLOGS – with the official symbol – VLOGS, expertly-crafted for multi-faceted use in mainstream digital wallets.

In recent years, Ethereum has become a thriving platform used for the creation of a wide range of financial processes and random smart contracts, including Ethereum tokens – the representative smart contracts for digital assets. While there are many Ethereum tokens present in the cryptocurrency world today, they all are designed to perform the functions of simple digital assets built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The idea behind VLOGS is to provide both new and existing users with a trusted Ethereum-based token.

With VLOGS, new and existing users are presented with an avenue to take charge of an extensive wealth of knowledge, intensive data, and convenient access to an active community who are interested in safe and reliable digital assets and share the belief of an exciting future.

VLOGS holds unlimited potential and diverse uses. It makes you an automatic member of the ever-growing VLOGS Community, where every user is presented with the power to remove the intermediaries that currently exist between producer and consumer in today’s crypto-market. There is no limit with VLOGS, with a strong power of attraction and the limitless possibility to become one of the universal digital wallets in the cryptocurrency market.

VLOGS aims to contribute to the speeding up of the adoption of the Ethereum blockchain technology to the general public. VLOGS is not only open to the VLOGS community members but also for every user of the Ethereum blockchain.

Below is the current Token Tracker Summary of VLOGS, according to ETHERSCAN.

Total Supply – 320,000,000

Symbol – VLOGS

ERC20 Contract – 0x91df41627eacc012e42e45fa0bd1761cfb383617

Token Decimals – 18

By leveraging modern technology and social intelligence with the unique design, VLOGS is well-positioned to offer lasting solutions that will ensure the participation of everyone in the new face of the cryptocurrency world.

VLOGS community members and users are confident of being in control at all times, with mainstream digital wallets and secured access that makes it easy to track and monitor your keys and token values.

Take advantage and be one of the early birds that will tap into the unlimited potential of VLOGS today.

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We have a standard Disclamer on https://www.vlogs.cc/terms
Please read it before use, hold or purchase VLOGS (VLOGS).