The first token-powered pixel homepage

Since the revolution of pixel advertising in 2005, it has since grown to become one of the most popular and reliable methods of internet marketing. Basically, what Pixel Advertising does is to allow you place an ad on a website using tiny dots, otherwise called pixels, usually with sizes in the range of 100 pixels or higher. And the pixel ad image usually takes the visitor to the advertiser’s product, service or website.

Over time, there has been an influx of pixel advertising platforms and websites on the internet. While some offer pixel ads for a price ranging from one dollar to a penny, others offer a promotional option of a free pixel. But have you ever imagined an entirely new approach to pixel advertising?  The one powered with tokens? Well, your imagination ends here, as we present to you VLOGSHOMEPAGE Рthe first pixel homepage powered by tokens.

Ethereum tokens have made impressive breakthroughs in the cryptocurrency world, as the representative smart contracts for digital assets. With the right tokens, you have the power to do a lot in the business world, and the cryptocurrency circle in particular. Hence, VLOGSHOMEPAGE offers potential buyers of pixel spaces on her website the chance to be proud owners of VLOGS (VLOGS) – Ethereum tokens.

According to the owners, buyers get free tokens when they make purchases of a certain number of pixel spaces on the VLOGSHOMEPAGE website. For every block of 100 pixels purchased, a buyer will get the right to receive free 12 000 VLOGS.

How do you begin?

Including your pixel ads on the website is quite simple; all you need is your website link. Proceed to the website – www.vlogshomepage.com – and buy a 100 x 100 pixels space. After this, you upload your designed image and select a place where you would like the pixel ad to be placed. In the case of buyers without a website, they can place a picture or a graphic representation in the pixels space. Thus, when the picture is clicked, a pop-up window will come up showing a larger resolution of the embedded picture, instead of leading the user directly to your website.

On the successful completion of the purchasing process, the buyer will be required to fill out a form where all necessary information, including the wallet details of the buyer for the receipt of the tokens, will be included. The pixel ads on the VLOGSHOMEPAGE website will be placed for at least three years from the time of purchase. In addition to this, each owner of the pixel spaces can have VLOGS (VLOGS) right in their submitted wallet address.


This is a unique opportunity to be a part of the latest web marketing phenomenon: pixel advertising. While pixel advertising is rapidly becoming the new wave of online advertising, not all pixel advertising websites have the right intentions and ethics like the VLOGSHOMEPAGE. Your little icon and powerful ad copy begs the viewer’s attention; it is just purely irresistible. Once the viewer moves his mouse to the icon, your ad copy becomes active, enveloping his entire attention and compelling him to take an action – click!

Interestingly, the increase in the number of buyers into the pixels spaces is sure to bring a stronger power of attraction for the VLOGSHOMEPAGE website. And to encourage effective monitoring and overview of the pixels ads, the most clicked webpages (via the pixel spaces) are always listed in the top ranking, and these are sure to get additional clicks!

Conclusively, potential buyers of the VLOGSHOMEPAGE pixel spaces should note that the offer of free token is NOT AVAILABLE for US and Chinese citizens, due to the permissions of the Law. Nonetheless, they are still able to purchase pixels.

For more information and inquiries, please visit VLOGSHOMEPAGE at https://www.vlogshomepage.com/Receive_Free_Tokens.php

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